New Final for the K1

I have now waited more than two weeks for the 2SC1969 that I have ordered from El Supply. Since the Easter holidays are coming closer and closer and I want to have the K1 with me, I looked for another source. I found Brinck Elektronik who has a shop in Copenhagen city. I was lucky enough to get the last piece they had on stock. They can still order it for me later but it will cost twice as much.

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Elecraft T1 Automatic Antenna Tuner

The Elecraft T1 is a stand-alone, miniature antenna tuner unit specially designed for use with low-power HF/6m transceivers. Despite its small size, it uses a built in 9V battery, provides a wide matching range and can handle powers up to 20 watts SSB/CW or 10 watts in FM/AM/digi. It is a very cool general-purpose ATU for mobile and portable use. The T1 is available either ready built or as a kit.

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