Qthid 3.1 with Mac OS X Lion support

The Qthid Funcube Dongle controller version 3.1 has now been released. This release includes the necessary fixes to make qthid work on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Thanks to Mike KØZAP for the patch!

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Qthid 3.0 for Windows

The Qt-based Funcube Dongle Controller is now also available as a windows binary package – thanks to Mike Willis G0MJW and David Barber G0OQW who have been trying to build it until we eliminated the two build issues (one of them was my fault 😉

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Qthid 3.0 with full API support released!

Qthid 3.0 – the Qt-based controller application for the Funcube Dongle – has been released. This release includes support for the full control API available with the 18f firmware for the Funcube Dongle. This should cover all the functionality provided by the “fully functional windows front-end”.

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Qthid 2.1 release

About a week ago I forked Howard’s qthid002 cross platform Funcube Dongle controller application with the objective of continuing development and adding support for the full FCD API that has been available since version 18f of the firmware. This first release contains various fixes for he crashes and freezes that were known to happen, providing a stable application that can be used to change frequency and upgrade the firmware from 18b to 18f.

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