Predict for the eeepc using Ubuntu host

My first attempt to port Predict to the eeepc using my Ubunutu 7.10 desktop as host did not work out. First, I created a custom version of predict-2.2.1jh6, i.e. the version containing the rather cool mods by John Heaton G1YYH. My own mods of the jh6 version include getting rid of the silly build system and tweaking the vocalizer.

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Predict for the eeepc status

Just a quick note… I have started hacking predict to make it run on the eeepc. Tonight I manage to build the vocalizer on its own, i.e. without that silly installer that comes with predict. I have also modified it to use aplay (available on the eeepc) instead of the built-in DSP routine, which is choppy when switching between WAV files.

It plays well and it sounds good. Tomorrow I will continue with John Heatons version of predict.