K1 Noise Blanker and Blown Final?

I finished the KNB1 noise blanker today and installed it in the K1. When finished, I connected the K1 to my ATX-1080 set to the 40 meter band. I put the OHR WM-2 wattmeter and the T1 antenna tuner in between the K1 and the antenna. First I tried to put the T1 into bypass mode, but I wasn’t quite sure whether the yellow LED meant bypass on or tuner on… Later I found out that green led means tuner on, yellow led means bypass on.

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New Attempt on the Filter Alignments

Nice surprise as I came home from work today: The replacement FT37-61 core for the noise blanker has arrived! That was fast. I sent the email on the 2. or 3. got a reply on the 3. and received the new core on the 7. All the way from USA.

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