Gpredict in the Linux Journal


I noticed today January 2010 issue of Linux Journal has amateur radio as it’s main topic. In fact, the whole front page is a big Amateur Radio and Linux headline.

There are three articles about amateur and several great ham radio apps for Linux are described in these articles: Fldigi, Xlog, Xastir, Gpredict and GNU Radio. Needless to say, I was very happy to see Gpredict listed there. I have attached an incomplete cut from the magazine, but you will have to get your own copy to read the whole article.

You can get a PDF copy for $5.99 at Enjoy!

Fun with WebSDR and Fldigi

Tonight I had some fun with Fldigi connected to Web SDR. I could actually listen to and decode digital ham radio traffic on the 80 and 40 meter bands without using a radio or antenna.

The way I achieved it was by configuring Fldigi to capture its data using the built-in microphone and turn the volume in Web SDR up until it was sufficient. The result was surprisingly good; of course partly because the Mac has relatively good sound hardware – at least when compared to some standard PC sound chip.

I prepared this video demonstrating how it works. You will hear and see many PSK-31 stations as well as some RTTY and other modes. Enjoy and have fun.

Watch in high resolution.