HO-68 / XW-1 linear transponder with GNU Radio, USRP and RFX400

Video recording of the HO-68 / XW-1 Chinese amateur radio satellite in linear transponder mode on November 9, 2010. Recorded using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) with RFX400 daughterboard and GNU Radio software receiver.

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GQRX receiving the HO-68 satellite

The gqrx software receiver implemented with GNU Radio and Qt GUI is now taking shape and becoming useful. Yesterday evening I went to OZ7SAT and had the USRP+WBX connected to a real antenna tracking amateur radio satellites. The video below shows reception of the evening pass of HO-68, aka. XW-1.

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VO-52 satellite with GNU Radio, USRP and WBX

On Saturday 10 July 2010, I have recorded this pass of VO-52. It is the linear transponder downlink between 145.875 and 145.925 MHz. I really don’t understand why people get so crowded in the middle of the passband when there is 50 kHz to play with. Continue reading “VO-52 satellite with GNU Radio, USRP and WBX”

GB0MPA commemorating the ship RMS Carpathia

I caught the special event station GB0MPA on the air yesterday. GB0MPA commemorates the ship RMS Carpathia (callsign: MPA) which saved 705 people from the Titanic in April 1912. GB0MPA is active for 28 days starting on Apr 4. On this video GB0MPA has contact with two stations from Romania – one of them west of the Carpathian mountains 🙂

As you can see and hear, my IC-765 is still going strong!