GB0MPA commemorating the ship RMS Carpathia

I caught the special event station GB0MPA on the air yesterday. GB0MPA commemorates the ship RMS Carpathia (callsign: MPA) which saved 705 people from the Titanic in April 1912. GB0MPA is active for 28 days starting on Apr 4. On this video GB0MPA has contact with two stations from Romania – one of them west of the Carpathian mountains 🙂

As you can see and hear, my IC-765 is still going strong!

PBT Mod for the IC-765

As you may already know, the IC-765 has IF-shift but no passband tuning. There is, however, a simple mod originally designed by Gerd Henjes, W2ISB, which allows the IF-shift button to tune the passband while the IF-shit button is in OFF position. This mod is described in the VE3HUR IC-765 notes and reproduced here with some illustrative pictures, as well as a video demonstrating the difference between PBT and IF-shift

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IC-765 Overview

The IC-765 has been ICOM’s flagship HF-radio for many years. Even today (2006) it represents excellent value for money as it has one of the best receivers ever made. The IC-765 has 4 IF stages (69MHz, 9MHz, 455kHz, 9MHz), built-in power supply (PS-35) and automatic antenna tuner (AT-150), and it comes with 500Hz CW filters (mounted from the factory. Optional 250Hz CW filters (FL101 and FL53A) are available, too, as is the optional FL102 6kHz AM filter.

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This is my chance!

Today, OZ9SJ posted an IC-765 for sale on, a site for trading second hand equipment for hams. The price is rather high, approximately 1100 euros, but the radio did only have one owner and is claimed to be in mint condition, both from a functional and cosmetical point of view. It even comes with 19″ rack mounts.

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