Go for the HF2V!

We entered december, and the Christmas holidays are coming closer and closer. I had to make up my mind about which antenna to buy for my top-band adventures. As I wrote in a previous article I had some serious worries about the GAP Voyager DX. I simply can not afford to spend 650 euros on a vertical that may be destroyed by the first comning storm. The GPM-1500 was pretty much ruled out as well, due to low expectations on efficiency.

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How about some top-band adventures?

Now that my DX-88 has died again (base element broken) I have been looking for new antenna possibilities. One thought that keeps bugging me is that I have never ever had a QSO on the 160 meter band. Since the days are very short during the Danish winters and sunspot numbers are something you can only dream of these years, I have decided to devote this winter to top-band activities.

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