ATX-1080 Tuning

The resonnance frequency of the ATX-1080 is adjusted by selecting the correct taps to connect (band change) and adjusting the telescope length for fine tuning on the given frequency. The radial length should have different lengths for each band as well. The original document describes which taps need to be connected and how long the telescope should be on each band, but says only that the radial length should be less than 1/4 lambda. Wimo, on the other hand, provides to pages of documentation in German, where they also give some start lengths for the radials. Also, a useful formula l [m] = 54 / f [MHz] is provided.

Factory Settings

Tap 1 to …
80 m 128.0 cm 15.5 m
40 m 2 128.0 cm 7.8 m
30 m 2 51.5 cm 5.4 m
20 m 3 128.0 cm 3.9 m
17 m 3 82.5 cm 3.0 m
15 m 4 128.0 cm 2.6 m
12 m 4 100.0 cm 2.2 m
10 m 5 128.0 cm 1.9 m
6 m 6 106.5 cm 1.4 m
2 m 6  120.5 cm none

Note: On the 2 meter band it is not necessary with a radial, since the chasis can provide enough counterpoise. On this band the antenna will work as an 5/8 lambda GP.

My Settings

I am still experiimenting so the table below is not quite complete yet. The Width is the frequency range where SWR stays below 1.5.

Telescope Radial fc
80 m 121 cm 7.8 m 7.020 MHz 40 kHz
30 m 35.5 cm 5.4 m 10.125 MHz 50+ kHz
20 m 128 cm 3.9 m 14.030 MHz 300+ kHz


So far, I have only used the suggested values. I will do some experiments later.

Author: Alexandru Csete

Embedded software engineer in the satcom industry during the day. Radio amateur and SDR hacker during the night.