Adobe Flashplayer for Galeon on 64 bit Ubuntu 9.04

I was excited about the new Ubuntu 9.04 released just a few days ago. In fact, so excited that I installed the release candidate instead of waiting for the final release, knowing that it will be impossible to download during the first few days. Anyway, it’s cool, it’s slick and it boots in less than 15 seconds! Of course, one problem that you run into on 64 bit is the lack of Adobe Flash player – at least if you want to avoid installing 32 bit compatibility libraries. Here is how the problem is solved.

First, you need to download the Adobe Flashplayer 10 browser plugin from Adobe. You can get it here. It’s a .tar.gz file containing a single shared object (so file). Since my primary browser is firefox, I installed it into /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/

That makes flash work all right in firefox, but it still didn’t work in Galeon – another lightweight web browser that I like to use a lot. As it turns out, Galeon looks for plugins in the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory, so the problem was solved by simply creating a symbolic link to the I just installed in /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/ – that’s it!


Gpredict 1.0 beta 2 released

Finally, the Gpredict 1.0 beta 2 release has come together, featuring a completely rewritten radio controller / Doppler tuning algorithm. It became a bit more complicated than I originally anticipated, because the incoming requests for improvement of the original controller did not limit themselves to controlling the downlink and the uplink, but also called for using two different radios.

Given that there are very few full-duplex radios out there designed for satellite communications and that they are very expensive, I found this request to be very reasonable and decided to implement it. The resulting controller should be able to work using receivers, transmitters, half-duplex transceivers, and combination of those. Full-duplex has not been implemented, because I am not sure whether hamlib is able to do that properly. That will be implemented in one of the upcoming betas.

The new radio controller
The new radio control UI. See more screenshots.

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The Sky on the Moon

Do you even wonder how the sky might look like from the surface of the Moon? I certainly did so recently and here is what I learned…

We had some discussions on the Team FREDNET public forum about using the stars and the planets for guidance and navigation on lunar surface. Of course, it raised the question of how the sky looks like on the Moon? To find out, I took a virtual trip to the Apollo 11, 15 and Surveyor 7 landing sites using the free open source Stellarium software for linux.

Stellarium is a complete planetarium software for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It even allows you to look at the sky from surface of other planets and moons.

Other free software used in producing this video was the Gimp for image manipulations and Kdenlive for non-linear video editing.

PS: I have hidden a small error in the first 20 seconds of the video, and I am not thinking about the lulnar landscape. Can you find it?


Eeeham Status

Note: This page is now obsolete since I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition on the Eeepc. This opens the door to use all ham radio applications available for Ubuntu!

Eeeham dedicated to ham radio applications on the Asus eeepc. The idea is to have a set of Linux ham radio applications built on a host computer and packaged and configured so that they can be run off an SD or USB disk on the eeepc. User data related to the applications shall be stored on the same disk. I think this is a good approach since it will keep the eeepc system disk clean of my experiments.

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Predict for the eeepc using Ubuntu host

My first attempt to port Predict to the eeepc using my Ubunutu 7.10 desktop as host did not work out. First, I created a custom version of predict-2.2.1jh6, i.e. the version containing the rather cool mods by John Heaton G1YYH. My own mods of the jh6 version include getting rid of the silly build system and tweaking the vocalizer.

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Predict for the eeepc status

Just a quick note… I have started hacking predict to make it run on the eeepc. Tonight I manage to build the vocalizer on its own, i.e. without that silly installer that comes with predict. I have also modified it to use aplay (available on the eeepc) instead of the built-in DSP routine, which is choppy when switching between WAV files.

It plays well and it sounds good. Tomorrow I will continue with John Heatons version of predict.

eeeham: Hamradio Applications on the eeepc

I have now created a web space on my site dedicated to ham radio applications on the eeepc. You can access it by clicking on eeeham in the subject field of this post. At this point only a WIP, but I will update is as I make progress.

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