DX-88 SWR on 2015.11.07

Today we got the first storm warning of this season and so I went out to secure the DX-88 with 4 guy-wires. At the same time I did a new tuning round because I have noticed that some of the bands have moved since the last adjustment. This time I have managed to get 30 meters working.

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DX-88 resurrection

It has now been eight years since I have retired my Hy-Gain DX-88 antenna declaring it dead for good. I was standing with a broken base element for the second time and I decided not to spend any more time and money on it but try a new antenna, a Butternut HF2V covering 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters.

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DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 8: Improved audio client and server

In my last update I have posted a live demo of the IC-706 remote setup. This setup was using a gstreamer-based audio client and server, taking advantage of state of the art audio codec called Opus. This setup was working fine over reliable network connections; however, as soon as I got on a mobile network the simple gstreamer pipelines were no longer sufficient. So it was time to write a simple audio client and server pair that are better suited to handle network dropouts.

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DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 7: First on-air test

Good news folks: I have had my remote controlled IC-706 on the air and it works! So far I have only tested the receiver and on the LAN, but I still consider it to be a significant milestone because it was the first time I had the controls and the audio work together with a good antenna connected to the radio.

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Gstreamer 1.4 on the Beaglebone

Today I found myself in a situation where I needed the latest Gstreamer 1.4.3 on a Beaglebone running a console image by Robert C. Nelson based on Debian Wheezy. Debian Wheezy comes with the old Gstreamer 0.10 and as far as I could tell the new gstreamer isn’t even available through backports. It is however available in Debian Jessie (testing).

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