Omnia SDR build status 2016.03.13

Today I have started assembling my Omnia SDR kit. Ideally, I would want to start with the difficult integrated circuits, in this case the Cypress CY8C32 PSoC and the PCM3060 audio codec, but the step-by-step guide starts with the power supply and so I did the same.

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Omnia SDR

Few weeks ago I learned about the Omnia SDR project, which is a newly released softrock type transceiver kit. It has an on-board USB audio codec, which I consider to be a significant advantage, making it suitable to be used with embedded linux computer boards that do not have a good on-board audio codec. However, for me the Omnia SDR will form the basis for a remote controlled SDR transceiver, which I think will be a natural continuation of my remote rig project.

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Using the RFSpace Cloud-IQ with CuteSDR on the Raspberry Pi 2

Few days ago, I have been playing with CuteSDR on Linux and Mac and came to think, would this work on a Raspberry Pi? While there is nothing conceptually impossible about running CuteSDR on the Raspberry Pi 2, I often run into obstacles trying to port Qt application to embedded devices, so here are my notes about how to make it work.

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DX-88 SWR on 2015.11.07

Today we got the first storm warning of this season and so I went out to secure the DX-88 with 4 guy-wires. At the same time I did a new tuning round because I have noticed that some of the bands have moved since the last adjustment. This time I have managed to get 30 meters working.

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DX-88 resurrection

It has now been eight years since I have retired my Hy-Gain DX-88 antenna declaring it dead for good. I was standing with a broken base element for the second time and I decided not to spend any more time and money on it but try a new antenna, a Butternut HF2V covering 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters.

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