About Alexandru Csete

My name is Alex, full name Alexandru Csete, or OZ9AEC on the air.

I have a Master’s degree in physics from Aarhus University in Denmark. I did my master thesis work in experimental atomic physics at CERN, studying the interaction of slow anti-protons with matter.

After university, I went to work in the European space industry for about 8 years. Here I worked as a software engineer with the onboard software for the ESA ATV “Jules Verne” and the Gaia missions.

Since 2011 I have been a development engineer at Thrane & Thrane (now Cobham Satcom) where I am working with control systems and embedded software for stabilized Ku/Ka VSAT antennas. I’m on the team that created the world’s best SAILOR and Explorer VSAT antennas.

In addition to the above I am also:

  • Enjoying ham radio since 1991 as OZ9AEC
  • Author of several popular open source software projects like Gqrx SDR and Gpredict
  • Contributing to other open source projects like GNU Radio, SatNOGS, and Hamlib
  • Promoting open technologies like FreeDV
  • Member of Copenhagen Suborbitals working primarily on the telemetry and the video downlink systems
  • Teaching and giving talks about various topics in ham radio, open source, space and software defined radios

I am available for consulting and contract work within space, satcom, and SDR. Contact me at alex-softrig  if you are interested. Please, only work-related emails here. Everything else will be ignored!

For private conversations, you can use alex-googleif you have a good reason. I am interested in meeting new people and having stimulating conversations; however, I will ignore tech support type emails from strangers, including inquiries about articles I have written in the past. I have a full-time job, several freelance jobs, family & friends, and I already spend a lot of time on making free software for others.

All of my software has public support forums and communities, and you should use those instead of emailing me directly.