About Alexandru Csete

My name is Alex, full name Alexandru Csete, or OZ9AEC on the air.

I have a Master’s degree in physics from Aarhus University in Denmark. I did my master thesis work in experimental atomic physics at CERN, studying the interaction of slow anti-protons with matter.

After university I went to work in the European space industry for about 8 years. Here I worked as a software engineer with the on-board software for the ESA ATV “Jules Verne” and the Gaia missions.

Since 2011 I have been a development engineer at Thrane & Thrane (now Cobham Satcom) working with control systems and embedded software for stabilized Ku/Ka VSAT antennas. I’m proud to be on the team that brought the worlds best SAILOR and Explorer VSAT antennas to the market.

In addition to the above I am also:

  • Enjoying ham radio since 1991 as OZ9AEC
  • Author of several popular open source software projects like Gqrx SDR and Gpredict
  • Contributing to other open source projects like GNU Radio, SatNOGS and Hamlib
  • Promoting open technologies like FreeDV
  • Member of Copenhagen Suborbitals working primarily on the telemetry and the video downlink systems
  • Teaching and giving talks about various topics in hamradio, open source, space and software defined radios

I am available for consulting and freelance work within space, satcom and SDR. Contact me at   if you have a cool project that you need help with. Please, only work related emails here.

I still use my hamradio email  but I ignore tech support type emails from strangers — I am not a help desk! I have a full time job, family & friends, and I already spend a lot of my spare time on making free software for others. All of my software has public support forums and communities and you should use those instead of emailing me directly.