Nexø II rocket camera performance

In my previous post, I posted the raw footage recorded from the Nexø II onboard cameras. These videos give an excellent qualitative indication of how well the video downlink worked. I have now also processed the received telemetry data and have a more quantitative idea of the performance.

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Video received from the Nexø II rocket cameras

During the last year or two, you may have heard me talk about rocketcam or rocket-cameras, teasing with pictures but without providing too many technical details. Actually, it all started with a cryptic tweet I posted on October 23, 2016:

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On-air tests of the Wimo TA-1 turnstile antenna

A few months ago I started looking at various options for omnidirectional antennas with circular polarization for satellite communications. I came across the TA-1 137 MHz turnstile antenna from Wimo, which looked like an interesting option for a reasonable price.

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SSTV event from the International Space Station

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of ARISS, the International Space Station is transmitting Slow Scan Television on 145.800. The SSTV event started on the 20th July and will continue until the 24th.

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